Coalition of Cambodia Farmers Community (CCFC) was established on January 11, 2011, by 12 communities who work together to address land rights, natural resources and forced evictions resulting from development projects which impact on farmers. Currently, CCFC is working with 74 communities in affected areas spanning 10 targeted provinces.

Cambodian people have fully rule of law, democracy, transparency, unity,   peace, good governance, human rights, gender balance, livelihood, dignity, and have social protection service.

Integrate   community, association, network, people organization at grassroots level to have one voice and solidarity, pushing to support the democracy and human rights for transparency, good governance by advocate with private sector, government and development partner. Build capacity and give advice to community, association, network at grassroots through cooperate with organization partner, related partners.

Cooperate  with public sector, civil society organization, private sector ,national organization and international organization to provide the people in the community, association and people organization deliver and educate on human rights, democracy, transparency,  good governance make people respect to the law, social justice, human rights, land rights protect natural  resource for the sustainable.

Now CCFC shared office with IDEA, CICA, CFSWF and CYN call “Solidarity House”, we work together for promote human rights, freedom of expression and livelihood for all.

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